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Watch Your Body Transform In Just 3 Short Weeks…Look And Feel Better Than You Ever Have Before With The FREE…

How The Challenge Works

 1. It’s FREE! But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not valuable. This is the fastest way to lose weight, drop dress or pants sizes, transform your body and look and feel better than you have in years…in just 21 short days.

2. Complete the form to the right to download the Your Best Body Challenge  Transformation Guide ($49 value) absolutely free.

3. Complete the registration form included in the Guide and submit it to us by JANUARY 11, 2014

4. The Challenge officially begins on SATURDAY JANUARY 31, 2014 . All participants come to the Your Best Body Team Headquarters at ELKS LODGE here in NEW HAVEN CT. for orientation, and then every Saturday for the next 3 weeks for group fitness training. The last Saturday is for final assessment, judging and awarding of prizes!

5. A one-time, small donation of $21 to The American Lunge Association is the only requirement to participate in the Challenge. Local business sponsors are covering all other costs. Your participation is free, but we do require you make a $21 donation to help raise funds for a worthy cause.

What You Get FREE: (your choice)

  • Your Best Body Orientation with our Team
  • Weekly Assessments, Guidance & Coaching
  • 3 Group Fitness Training Sessions (On Saturdays)
  • Complete 21 Day Transformation System including step-by-step exercise and nutrition programs for you to follow on your own or with our help (your choice).
  • Your Best Body in just 21 short days.

What You Can WIN:

  • One Grand Champion will be chosen based on the criteria described in the Your Best Body Guide. He or she will win gifts and prizes valued at $750.
  • Two Runners Up will be chosen based on the criteria described in the Guide. They will each win gifts and prizes valued at $350.
  • The biggest prize of all, however, is the body transformation results you will achieve!

What You Can Expect From The Challenge:

Expect to be challenged, inspired, motivated, supported, coached, educated and trained by one of America’s elite, professional teams of fitness experts. Expect to set and achieve goals, make new, supportive friends, gain a new found level of confidence in your body…expect to CHANGE both physically and emotionally. Expect to be better. To be more. Because it will happen. Your best body is just 21 days away.

What To Do Now:

Your registration form (included in the Guide) for the free Your Best Body Challenge must be received NO LATER THAN January 11, 2014. Get the Your Best Body Challenge 21 Day Transformation Guide ($49 value), including the complete 3 week exercise and nutrition programs, FAQ, registration form, instructions, rules and regulations absolutely free by completing the form above right now.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you get your best body in just 21 Days!

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